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Working with chemicals? Make sure you’ve got the right gloves for the job.

Working with chemicals presents a unique risk, and requires careful selection of safety equipment. The wrong glove or coveralls might appear to be working for a time, but suddenly fail with little to no warning. For this reason, it is essential that workers who are exposed to chemical hazards be outfitted with the right gear.

Ritz Safety, in conjunction with our suppliers, have provided a Chemical Degradation Chart to help you make the tough decision of what PPE to purchase. Click on the image below to download this chart:

Chemical Degradation Chart

Remember – all gloves and coveralls will degrade over time. It is essential to monitor and maintain the condition of your PPE, and replace it before a failure. Properly sizing your equipment can also help it to last longer and be more effective (check out our handy glove sizing chart!).

Note: This chart has been provided to assist the user with choosing the most appropriate product for  the user’s environment. It is always the responsibility of the user to determine risk and perform “on-site” testing before putting the product to actual use. The manufacturer, distributor and sales representative do not accept responsibility for the user’s choice of product against any particular risk.