National Work Zone Awareness Week

~A quick message from our VP, Bill Whiston~

Humor me for a second… Close your eyes and picture your desk. Now picture your desk located on the side of a busy interstate with cars, trucks and tractor-trailers flying past. Now picture yourself sitting at that desk and working every day – knowing in your mind that, without warning, you could suddenly be “wiped out” by a careless driver or out of control vehicle. Just the thought of it makes you cringe, doesn’t it?

I could never work like that, yet this is the reality of thousands of people who work in construction traffic zones every day. These are some of the most dangerous jobs that exists and these workers are always one step away from being killed by traffic. Take another minute and think about their lives and their families, then consider how selfish we are, as drivers, if we aren’t doing our part to protect these people.

The Hi-Viz vests, cones and lights are to help us see them, but slowing down and doing our part to protect these workers (and ourselves) is up to us. They are only asking us for a very simple favor – slow down, stop doing whatever is distracting us and pay full attention as we drive through their “office”.

PLEASE feel free to share this with others and think about it each and every time you approach a work zone!

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