Want to train your employees for less than $10 per year?

Yes, that’s right!  Safety Source, Inc. has your solution for training your employees for less than $10 per year.  Introducing SateyPlus Web, a revolutionary, cloud based safety management system that was created to make your job easier, your company more profitable,and your employees safer!  In this system there are 32 professionally developed safety training courses, tests and certificates that go with each course. Because we take your safety seriously, we are giving you 3 compliance training courses in their entirety…FOR FREE!  There is no obligation to buy and you can start using these with your employees immediately. We trust SafetyPlus Web™ will become a valuable addition to your safety program.  Enjoy!

Training Access

Want to know more about SafetyPlus Web™?  This system was designed, built, and priced (by the way) with small to mid-sized businesses in mind.  Over the next few months our newsletters will be addressing common safety management concerns and provide you with examples of how SafetyPlus Web™ will help you save time, resources, and most importantly, protect your workforce.  From OSHA to DOT to TRAINING and RECORD KEEPING.  SafetyPlus Web™ will be the ONLY system you will ever need to help you slay your regulatory dragons!

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