Start Your Emergency Action Plan Today!

In the conclusion to our 4-part series, Donna Wishart discusses how to get started with an Emergency Action Plan for your facility or jobsite.  This essential step will put you the right path towards a safer workplace and a more informed staff.

Emergencies can strike without warning and effect your company’s ability to maintain production.  When an emergency hits, your response could mean the difference between life and death.

Survival can depend upon your readiness. No matter what type of business you are in, an effective Emergency Action Plan will help to ensure your employees can survive the worst possible emergency.

Your emergency response plan needs to be not only current but effective. It cannot be a policy on paper only. Your plan needs to include proper equipment and adequate training as well as proper maintenance of both.

Things to Consider

  • What are your human resources?  How many employees do you have?
  • What type of facility do you have – warehouse, office, outdoor jobsite?
  • What type of work is conducted in your workplace?
  • What medical dangers might be present?
  • Do you have an Emergency Response Team?
  • How close are your local EMS locations, and how quickly can they respond?
  • What first aid supplies do you currently have, and what new supplies might you need?
  • Do you offer regular training to first responders?  Is the training geared toward the specific hazards present in your workplace?

Donna Wishart is the owner of Wishart Safety Training, Inc., a local partner with Ritz Safety in the Tampa, FL area. Wishart Safety Training currently offers a variety of first aid training classes, including CPR and AED training.

To take the next step, and begin your Emergency Action Plan, contact Wishart Safety or your local Ritz Safety representative!

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