When It’s Life or Death, CPR Makes all the Difference!

In part 3 of our 4-part series contributed by Donna Wishart (a CPR/First Aid/AED trainer we have partnered with in the Tampa area), you’ll hear about a life that was saved by the quick action of a coworker trained in CPR.  Donna also shares some quick facts that demonstrate how important CPR is, and how quickly you and your workers can learn it.

First, check out this amazing story of a young lady who nearly died after a cardiac arrest, and was saved in large part from the quick thinking and acting of Gonzaga University staff!

Facts about CPR:

  • Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in adults. Most occur in persons with underlying heart disease, though sometimes these underlying diseases are unknown until the cardiac arrest episode.
  • CPR doubles a person’s chance of survival from cardiac arrest.
  • 75% of all cardiac arrests occur in people’s homes.
  • The typical victim of cardiac arrest is a man in his early 60’s and a woman in her late 60’s.
  • Cardiac arrest occurs twice as frequently in men than in women.
  • In sudden cardiac arrest the heart goes from a normal heartbeat to a quivering rhythm called ventricular fibrillation in about 2/3rds of all cardiac events. V FIB is fatal unless an electrical shock called defibrillation is administered with an AED. CPR extends the window of time in which defibrillation is effective by keeping vital organs supplied with oxygen.
  • CPR provides a trickle of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart to keep these organs alive until defibrillation shocks the heart into a normal rhythm.
  • If CPR is started within 4 minutes of collapse and defibrillation is provided within 10 minutes of collapse, the person has a 60% chance of survival.  CPR can hold off the life-threatening effects of cardiac arrest for up to 6 minutes, giving emergency crews ample time to arrive on scene and begin defibrillation.

Donna Wishart is the owner of Wishart Safety Training, Inc., a local partner with Ritz Safety in the Tampa, FL area. Wishart Safety Training currently offers a variety of first aid training classes, including CPR and AED training.

Tune in for the conclusion of this series to start your organization’s Emergency Action Plan!

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