Think PINK for October And NEW Products!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and we want you to get involved!  We are offering some of the industry’s best PINK products on the market.  Our manufacturers will donate proceeds of the sale of these PINK products to raise awareness for breast cancer and to fund research.  For more on how you can GEAR UP, click here!  We also offer away for you to purchase your own PINK promotional products.  Visit our LOGO MALL to see more!

Not only can you help by gearing up, but here are some other helpful ideas to show your support for this great cause…

  1. The easiest way to donate???  take up a collection at work.  Simply ask your co-workers to donate a little something to support this great cause!  Send your donation to the American Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
  2. You and your co-workers can sign up for a cancer walk.  Raise money and have a good time by rallying together as a team!  Make it even more interesting by offering the employee that raises the most money a gift card to a local restaurant as their reward!
  3. You and your co-workers could skip eating out 1 day a week for lunch for the month of October and donate the money saved.
  4. Buy PINK!  Any time you see a pink product that states proceeds will be donate to fight cancer – BUY IT!

On to What’s New At Safety Source, Inc!  We are now offering a great new and efficient eyewash product.  Introducing the AXION™ eyePOD™ by Haws ®.  The eyePOD makes it easy to turn an existing faucet into an emergency eyewash in just seconds.  Click here to find out how you can save $50.00 when purchasing this product from our website or by calling 800-380-1540 today!

Safety Source, Inc. is also introducing NEW rental equipment into our fleet!  If gas detection is what you are looking for then we have you covered! Our new equipment includes a GfG450 muti-gas unit, a RKI Eagle 2 multi-gas unit, a MSA AltAir 5 multi-gas unit and a Honeywell IQ Force multi-gas unit.

New Gas Detectors In Our Rental Fleet!

Have Calibration Needs?

Have calibration needs?  Then we’ve got you covered!  From calibration gas cylinders and regulators to carrying cases and tubing…Safety Source, Inc. offers a wide range of calibration equipment.  Not only do we offer this equipment with the best pricing around, we also offer a Calibration & Repair service.

Safety Source, Inc. specializes in the calibration and repair of portable instruments and fixed systems. In most cases, repairs are performed within days and not weeks. Fast turnaround means less downtime and higher productivity.  We have in-house and on-site service available and use only N.I.S.T. calibration gases to comply with manufacturers specifications. We offer quick turn around as well as emergency services.

Our technicians are Factory Trained and Factory Authorized for the following types of products:

  • Gas Detectors
  • Photo Ionization Detectors (PIDs)
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Noise Dosimeters
  • Octave Band Analyzers
  • Aerosol/Dust Analyzers
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitors
  • Anemometers
  • Personal Sampling Pumps
  • Moisture Meters

Let our Safety Source, Inc. experts take care of your instruments today!  For additional information or questions, give us a call at 800-380-1540